Welcome! The Adventures of Rubberkid is all about helping others get through the evils of bullying while learning just what horrible affects it can have on people. The game is 100% free to play online or download for use at home, in libraries, schools and anywhere else! You can play the game below the download buttons, but if you download the game, you'll get all sorts of freebie bonuses like printable cards featuring each critter from the game!

This edition of the game is nearly identical to the standard, but there's one small difference - instead of a "visit The Critterverse!" button, there's a "Donate to Charity" button! This button will take you directly to the donation page for Child's Play, the charity I chose to support. I spend several days in a hospital as a child for strep throat (it was a severe case) and being able to play with toys really helped me feel better and pass the time (and having family visit of course). Child's Play is the new generation's version of that, making sure kids in hospitals have awesome movies and video games to pass the time.